Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Vibes People Play

Dear Everyone,

I had a fairly eventful month or two and results have been staggering. Emotionally that is. I do believe a breakthrough has been made and in it a very wise understanding of where i stand in it. I smile as i type this, because it is yet another chapter in my life that brought me closer to a deeper understanding of myself and what i'm capable of.

Its not all roses though...

Discovering also has a lot mending, rewinding, new painful or pleasure filled discovery that doesn't make it a (let's just say) walk in the park.

But nevertheless such journeys are what sterner stuff is made of. And sterner stuff is what we all need. My penchant for the dark. What can i say? Hey.

So it is from one of these discoveries that i emerged early this morning to find that my pleasured self emanated a distinct hue and atmosphere that unsettled my fine colleagues around me.

The vibes were clearly signalled and because of its deep nature silence was the chosen tool.

The vibes were of awe, jealousy, remoteness, stares, resentment, of being intimiated, of smarting...

What followed were acts of self-preservation. Desperate acts of preservation. :)

There were reassuring calls being made to better halfs, chit-chats of the insulting kind...smirks that were so insecure...I had to laugh. It felt good to awe-ed at blatantly. Obviously living a little around here takes some guts, and making a little takes some adventure.

Hmmmmm....so, what do you call a drunken sailor earl-i in the morning?

Ooooh...i could get used to this.

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Vijay m said...

....... enjoying it, aren't you ?... all the little joys in life are free... carry on!.