Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Knocked out : Say Cheesy!

At the risk of exposing some of the work i'm 'handed' on a dry day...

Spot the Cheese:

Sub head: Flower Week Turned Shopping Mall into a Shopping Scenter

Part of Big Fun in the City pragraph

Our visitors got to make friends with Woody Ruffwood, the incredible talking tree held its audiences spellbound with his delighftful tales and lively music. Families were held rooted (i can imagine why!) by the amazing tree, as he and his friends sang songs for the children gathered around him.


Sunday, August 13, 2006

The thought being unemployed

If I were to quit, I'd join the super duperly underestimated few who finally mustered up the courage to call a spade an opportunity.

I wouldn't get an SMS update confirming my salary credit, I wouldn't have an annual performance review. I wouldn't need to have inane dialogue exchanges with clients who are as determined as much as or probably more than you to ensure they introduce 'coinages of the unheard', corporate spiel that will send you yelping into the corner of the board room.

Being me, I wouldn't need to return the favour.

No more negotiating costs. No repitch, re-evaluate or resubmit.

Bright ideas will never be shot, maimed or disfigured ever again. Life as it were would turn toward the sun.

Office politics would be amusing anecdotes from stress infested dinner guests, friends who need a space to be, and sundry. Creative thought would surface and breathe. Severance would take on a whole new meaning.

To think about unemployment at this juncture in my life, is amusing. I don't have stashes saved up, I do not have a trust fund. And I will admit my self confidence is peppered with a feeling on unease, only because it is a learnt vice - the dependence on money.

To feel the crunch of notes as you smooth them out over a counter at the grocery store, the little piece of you that sails across a credit card slip when you sign away a week's pay over eggs, silk, leather or soap. It's all of that and more.

The thought manifested when I slid in two dirham coins into the parking ticket machine. Two seconds later, it was spat out with a curt reminder to check the fee for three hours, I had slipped by three more.

My journey has reached another enlightening pitstop. The fear that money creates within your being is an indispensable rot that gnaws at your very core. Beyond bones, feeling, and ability. My battle has ensued; and I'm close to winning it. Close, but not there yet.

Monday, August 07, 2006

whaddya i know

I do know i'm setting deadlines. I tried doing this before, and i never could get down to respecting a deadline till it started blinking red. That's when i work best.
On the personal front, plans have never been a success. I think, make lists, go the whole hog and do it all accordingly to 'plan' and then it just caves, like badly made cake.

In the past year, i had the time and venue to do a lot of soul searching, i've woken up bathed in sweat, gasping for air - the severity of thought. Imagine, if you will, some of the largest moments in your life twisted, revealing meaning, coming back in full force under the guise of synapse blasts and you'll be wide awake like me - gulping down cups of water from the bathroom tap.

But it has changed me. For good (both ways).

I have come to a door. For the past few weeks i've been in a dark tunnel, scraping my palms along the walls, breathing deeply in anticipation for some light and a way out. And I know stand feeling the door knob of what i know is another portal, a transit into more.