Monday, July 13, 2009

This one's for A...

This one's for A.

On 9th July A got married. On the cusp of what would have been an outstanding view of the Valley of Fire in Vegas no less - four people have stood witness to a union that I for one thought was a long one coming. Only because A is so much like me. And yet emanates such a fiery difference that make twins similar yet extraordinary.

I'd like to congratulate the other A...goon on ya mate! He who had the quiet sense to kneel in a terminal of an airport and quietly state his case. Of love.

This is a toast in prose. The picture as promised will be emailed to you ;)!

I hope you find each other amusing and interesting when the sparkle of intimacy fades and is replaced by a thick feeling or familiarity. You both feel it - how fast or slow, I cannot tell. But feel you will.

I pray that the heavens grant you a wicked sense of humour in those times. For it is the best of laughs you could ever have.

I imagine the 'Valley of Fire' to be a blaze of red gold down below you; signifying the fire of purity that so often remains the centrepiece in our Indian weddings. Fire in so many forms fills our places of worship - at times to spread fragrance and blessing and in others to drive away evil.

I hope the pastor remembered to crack a couple of jokes when he pronounced you man and wife. And I hope to God, that the photographer solemnly stood in silence for just that one minute before he started to click away.

I hope that that one moment of silence was blessed and your eyes met with your partners in deep understanding of the next connecting flights, transit runs and a possible rendezvous in between . Ha ha ha.

To you both, we raise our glasses (we have cool wine goblets by the way!) wishing you nothing but happiness and good times. But most importantly the honesty to have a good fight and a skinny dip afterward...:)

And hey, congratulations 'John Lennon' - all you need is love. ;).