Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Ear with Sucker Attached

You never know with advice. It's a double edged sword really. For instance, the very same people who ask you for it, tend to act as if they don't need it when you're in the thick of it - right in the middle - just getting warmed up and hitting close to home.

Advice, is such an overrated adjective for opinion. It asks you for it and then some. If you're one of those people who get asked for your opinion a lot (and of course they say, it matters) then remember this - you'll feel very light headed and drained if you're putting your heart and soul into it for the same group of people who 'hear' you but don't 'heed'.

I recently have come to term this particular series of conversations I have with a long time friend as a 'series in insufferable'.

She calls, talks, vents and rants and then a few days, weeks or months later, we're on the same page. Only this time we've for more people she wants to talk about, more people she wants to blame, more people she's exasperated with, more situations that are unfair, more things that are not hers. The list, yes, it goes on.

It got me thinking this evening as I walked back from the store and I realised that I had over the past few months been dispensing a bit too much. I have officially had enough of waxing eloquent on things which should normally occur to most humans, my peers at least.

I'm sick and tired of hearing the diabetic prologue of how my thoughts would really help and then later realise that it really doesn't. Because all that's being sought is a ready ear, and a sucker attached to it.

So to my friend I'd like to say, I see through it now and realise how stupid I was to not see how desperately wise you wanted to sound and how 'zipped' I should have been. I don't think anything of what I said would make sense to your experience or life, because in spirit and form we are two different people.

So let's celebrate that and not discuss it anymore shall we?