Thursday, March 30, 2006

An ode to Living Room

It's under this extremely stuffy atmosphere that i recall with extreme fondness living room...who helped share a lot of reality and love.

Living Room was a wonderfully appointed space, with the right cushions, food and entertainment.

But Living Room was what it was - because of the people. It was what it was because what those people shared.

The lovely thing about Living Room was that it...travelled, it's spirit rested wherever these people congregated.

Living Room wafted deep into their senses, snapping out tension, and ironing out brows.

But like all good things, Living Room grew tired of the same faces, it wanted to push through and travel with the far winds and plunge into azure pools where it would collect and lie in huge serpent like coils, resting and infusing energy.

Living room, missed it's larger purpose. It missed what it was capable of doing. The spaces that it created for the people were all it knew and it longed for more. To be able to create more spaces, to be able to waft itself into nature to infuse calm and serenity in the atmosphere. It wanted so much more.

And so one day when the people were burgeoning with happiness and good cheer, the living room bolted, jerking each person out their revellery as it escaped. The crevices of the room seemed like large fissures, living room spiralled out of any given space, as it watched the life drain out of the people's faces. Their skin began to bleach like bone and their smiles faded against their will. The looked at each other and their drinks in horror as the colour seeped and sloshed over the edges.

Living room heard their death like cries and as the last of it's infusion poured out of the corner of the room, it turned to take one last look at the people who had made it what it was.

The last image the living room would always remember were the people clutching madly at the last vestiages of colour as it faded...faded...

Like an energy pulse in the distance Living room hung in the dark night sky, until the last pitiful cry was lost to the emptiness.


"I need a name," thought living room. "I can't be living room anymore, I am soemthing more important, and i have a larger purpose."

And so Living Room flew, it continued to think and think, looking this way and that - at the trees, and the asphalt, the rivers and the sea, everything rushed past living room, so much of creation.

It passed crackling neon signs, and rain washed streets, pails of garbage and moaning streets, squaekly buildings and silent alley ways - looking for inspiration. But finding none.

Living room's name was loaded with connotation that only the people knew. Living room didn't understand it. To anyone else living room was the most insipid title an experience could get. Living room hated that.

"If only they'd seen the magic i could create..." it huffed.

Living room floated on, until it sat on the edge of a shore, looking out to sea. It felt lonely, and began to miss the times it spun for the people. A small smile flitted across somewhre in Living Room's being.

It had picked up a a signal.

Living room swung around to find the source of the smile and floated across the shore. The beach was dark, the stars blipped brightly.

And then suddenly Living room stumbled. It rolled and rolled and rolled a few more times, until it stopped in a pulsating ball of energy and sand. And then saw.

Behind the wet dune of sand sat a group of people, Living room had never seen before.

No one was saying anything. They just sat in a circle. Music played in the background, and they seemed to be talking without saying anything. Clouds of smoke and bottles aurrounded these people. In between the silence murmers were shared, and then laughter and then silence again.

Living Room liked them, they were peaceful, they reminded Living Room of home. And so it inched closer. Within the circle, a person (we'll call Raven) sat up...he felt a sudden shift in the atmosphere. Like he wasn't alone in his thoughts anymore. Brushing the sand from his elbows, he stood up and stretched, his mind taut with attention.

Living room stopped in it's tracks...

Peering over the top of the dune, it noticed one of the people standing up and looking in its direction. Living Room couldn't believe it, had it made a noise?! "But i'm invisible...i'm an experience! How he can he see me?," it asked itself and bobbed up and down peeking over the dune...waiting for the person to settle down before it moved in a little closer.