Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Knocked out : Say Cheesy!

At the risk of exposing some of the work i'm 'handed' on a dry day...

Spot the Cheese:

Sub head: Flower Week Turned Shopping Mall into a Shopping Scenter

Part of Big Fun in the City pragraph

Our visitors got to make friends with Woody Ruffwood, the incredible talking tree held its audiences spellbound with his delighftful tales and lively music. Families were held rooted (i can imagine why!) by the amazing tree, as he and his friends sang songs for the children gathered around him.



gadarene said...

part of the middle eastern drive to appeal to 'wholesome family entertainment'...especially for Dubai, which for a lot of people is the reason there's been a significant drop in Russia's female resident pouplation...you dig?...no offence to you ladies, but this is the general view of people who've visited/live in Dubai...blasted hypocrites,i tell you...

Meg said...

'Wholesome family entertainment' -it's mindless drivel bro! Can you imagine the hangover these imbeciles have from the American Woods! God, they have absolutely nothing novel or pertinent to offer. Wild Wadi for example - were the only ones who came close to localising the mascot concept (and of course in true local style overdoing it with one mascot for each ride!)

Newsletters consist of such s*&%t, and the cherry being their determined faith in the concept that someone would possible read this on a weekend, or when it pops up in their mail.

The distinct-'less' that is noticed in the Russi population can be attributed to the fact that women suddenly have found their degrees to actually have a valid career path attached to it. Other's simply have moved in search of greener pastures - the faux patches began to wear out, and the gardening committee simply forgot to replace them - their weekly schedule went awry!
Wot can i say bro - can i offer you a ditty from Woody Woodruff's CD? (Eye Roll) :) - love ya!