Friday, January 05, 2007


Dear Everyone,

It's the start to the new year. I have to say that i had a more exciting start to 2007 than the past few. I invited a few freinds over to my little apartment and everyone fresh with wounds from work, life and love wept, danced and drank to forget the little that was left of 2006.

As i watched everyone from my favrouite spot in the house, the right-most single seater couch that sits closest to the television, I was happy that everyone had suddenly removed themselves of many a mask and were just who they were. Safe to say, that many a revelation was made.

Through it all, there was a silent acceptance of what had been laid open for everyone to see. And we danced. We all danced, to music, to sounds, to the beats in our head. We talked, we spilled, we mulled over wine and conversation.

People went for walks, others went to sleep, and the few who were left groggigly groping for what was left of the year slipped in and out of the old.

One of my friends asked me at a saner moment, to describe what 2006 had meant to me. Everyone wants to know what 06 meant to everyone. But the catch was that i say it in a single sentence that would only contain a comma and full stop.

I thought about it for a second and lot of what i had been through in the past year flashed before me and i have to admit that i was quite okay with what i saw. No real-deep regrets and the beauty is that you wouldn't change anything. Not one thing.

So i said, "2006, introduced me."

Happy New Year everyone. I love you very much.


Vijay m said...

Great NEW YEAR ........ so you did have a blast ...wonderfull. ok so now you are introduced good luck ahead.

gadarene said...

happy new year to you my dear sister...i owe you a long usual...& it will be in your inbox...soon enough :) ya...take care...