Friday, November 24, 2006

Five minutes before sleep

Sleep. Tired eyes. Silence. Whirr of CPU. Dog barking. Whizzing traffic. Faint honking. Obvious speed.

lots of thoughts. Some incoherent. Someone talking about Simi Garewal on the street (what. Dog howling. It is 1:25 a.m.

stomach full. Over-ate. Not happy about that. Feel the chillies burn my gut. Nice :).

Sigh. Uninstalled unwanted programs. In the middle of defragmentation (of comp drives, excuse you). Killed lone loathsome mosquito. Another one is sure to fly by. More silence.

unsure of where unhappiness stems from. Second mosquito on cue. On time.

gate crunches open at the front of house. Neighbours are back from some place obviously.

More thoughts. Creaky car door sounds. Defragmentation process complete. Gate closes. Sound of neighbours locking gate. Ironically enough the gate is never open. Slip of thought into the open.

jingling keys at door. Their door. Dragging something. Door swings open and shut. Click. Door locks.

more traffic whizzes by. Second mosquito gets small bite. Annoyance sets in. Traffic. Whizzing by. So is time.

log in time. 1:30 p.m.

good night.


Deepu said...

Hmm..Interesting. Maybe, you could add a timeline against each process.

Meg said...

Deppu, hi,

That happened in a span of 5 minutes actually. Timeline sounds interesting, will try for the 15 minute one i'm logiing in soon.


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