Sunday, November 05, 2006

For every 100 seconds...

It's officially going to be close a month since i posted here...

A thought occured to me as a spent 15 minutes on the rowing machine, mentally clocking a minute before speeding up the number of reps on the machine....

"It's funny how we need to quantify everything, even when we exercise. We stop at 15 and start a new rep, the closer we get to 15 the quicker we push ourselves to reach the edge of that defined activity. It's like our mind's are attuned to the numbers and the closer we get the more the muscle aches to stop.

I wonder...what if there were a hundred seconds in a minute...would it then push our limits of endurance or make us less impatient? Would it in a sweet way shorten our attention span but pack in more matieral? Would i walk for a 100 minutes? It's only an hour it you think about it..."

Time. What a limitation.


¤º°MÃVË®ÍÇK°º¤™ said...

Yes I agree, I had a similar experience when I was jogging the other day.
Time is a limitation only if you let it.

Vijay m said...

Its our need to quantify that makes us humans and separates us from other living beings with only basic instincts . We always need a measure of who we are to try and make ourselves better. 100 secs in a minute ... interesting thought... we would still have been somewhere in the 15 century and we wouldnt be posting these thoughts on the internet....

Meg said...

I say why i have that limitation? Why must we quantify everything to be separate from other living beings. A measure of goodness in your eyes could be a half measure of goodness in mine. The idea is to be able to strive anyway, without limits or imposed boundaries. When you quantify limits possibilities in itself.

I'm not saying throw the clock out the door and release order and form to the wind. But at the same time the mind has not concept of time and space in its meanderings and concepts. Invention wouldn't be a reality and creativity a faciful term.

No limits....absolutely no limits. Aspiration...reach higher. Now you may ask at this point, "than what?" I'd say higher and wider than your imagination. Which in simple terms is fathomless and infinite.

Vijay m said...

You have that limitation cos you were born a human with a brain that can
think and rationalise
Yes, ... aspire, we can try and reach higher and we can strive and reach
higher in our own little way and still we would quantify cos otherwise how would
we know we've reached higher if we didnt have a point of reference ...
that point (where you ask "then what?" )is the unit of measure.
As for the other living beings they do not have any limitations except
only the fact that they lack brains to go with it otherwise they would have
been Gods.

A friend once asked me if i ever rushed into a room or anyplace absentmindedly
and suddenly wondered why or what i was doing ? .... i thought for a couple
of seconds then said yes...... he said great ... now you know how a dog feels
all through out its life....... sounds funny doesn't it. ... imagine that if
thats the state of the mind you wouldnt know if you've reached higher or lower
in fact we wouldn't be able distinguish if we are alive or dead. so then whats the point?

So the bottom line is we humans will quantify anything and everything as long
as our last breathe leaves our body.

Spew said...

pretty cool.

Meg said...

Hellow Spew...

Hmmm...well Vijay i would like to agree with you. Logic tells me your explanation makes sense. But i guess i'll do so otherwise and say, that our need to quantify everything in our life comes from a sense of lack.

What we've acheived, where we're going, how to react to somethings, how not to, how to eat, drink, sleep. We all have boundaries, social diktat and other community rules gives us a certain measuring stick to keep in 'check'. However, in my mind quantifyuing your own notches is an extension of those external rules.

The mind shouldn't be allowed to wallow in a pen. It should be allowed to wander. Meandering to possibilities and opportunities.

You wouldn't be in a place that had a room that you'd walk into without a purpose. If you lose that sense of reality, your mind allows you to backtrack, stop and reason and then take stock of the situation. If it doesn't then you're in a lot of trouble aren't ya? :)

When you give yousrself a point of reference in things that cannot be seen then you know you've got a problem again, because it the belief in the things that are unseen that tests your ability to push what you know and how you know it.

The seen, well is finite, and so there is no requirement for us not to quantify, for the seen is what it is nothing more nothing less. I have a job, it has its requirements, i complete them. My need to grow stems from something larger inside of me - my mind. And my mind sees me beyonnd the job. If i am to use my current job as a point of reference, then it would be a pretty bad place to start form because this isn't and will not be my point of reference. Have you heard the maxim (a lot of people live by) 'You have to start somewhere' - there is a twist in its representation. The somewhere for finite thought is where you are. For others who have no finite point fo reference it could be anywhere.

Your sense of achievement could be a place of absolute loss for someone else. This is where judgement, opinion, points of view happen. This is where politics comes from, social thought stems from. It goes on.

You need to be able to be free from the finite in your head. Faith is one such infinite constant that figures in our equation called life. For others they refuse to let the divine crowd their thought - because for some it forms a boundary.

It's subjective, Vijay. It always is. What works for, may no work for me. We aren't in a facist sociiety where only A school of thought resides. Which is why we are in a chaos, because we're so used to being led. So used to being told what our point of references are.

Explore YOUR ability to move beyond it. I'm not saying flout what you have, but experiment. Evolution is just that.

Vijay m said...

What i was trying to explain was why we quantify... .... but i get your point ...... what youre saying is to "let go " and only work to go higher ... just higher .with infinite reference the school teacher saying goes " aim for the moon and you'll reach the treetop. "