Sunday, November 05, 2006


So i'm sitting on the edge of reason, legs dangling over the last strand of sanity that enables me to put in more than 8 hours of work everyday, when i feel a tap on my back and a 5 minute tirade on consistency.

My initial reaction? Cannot be printed.

But my more humane response were non-commital hmmmss and haws...I made no bones about how ridiculous this here stress on consistency sounded to me. For the love of all things good, when we lack the sheer capacity to be consistent with more meaningful things in life, i daresay (indeed!) that a minor formatting error on a sheet of paper only brings to light the complete waste of point, time and breath. and of course also completely throws light on how utterly jobless we all are. Nuf said.

Where i come from, formatting issues are either solved, taken care of or dealt with and not hankered on day after day, month after month or year after friggin year. Life goes on, really. And the formatting (God bless the effort, no really!) makes no meaningful dent and wastes away in cyberspace while it transits to an equally 'give a damn about paperwork' recipient who could well be more worried about whether he/she will wake up to a job tomorrow or not. Sales is a tough job, overrated, but tough. I will admit that taking a completely useless product or service putting a waste of spin on it and then setting off coat in hand to 'hawk' the darned thing is a self inflicted welt for a living, but then is every other man made occupation, isn't it?

The lucky few walk down red carpets, strum guitars, and capture frames of habitat, emotion and colour. Their works are paid for, their lives are celebrated. By the very hands that employ millions of people across the world. You and me, my friend.

Somewhere in my youth or childhood.....I must have f@#%^ed up prettty badly!

Over and out.


jay said...

we keep talking about what does not really make us happy in the way we live our life, but we hardly ever take an effort to do anything substantial about it. we take incremental steps in life, and get into an even more of a morass of emotional issues. the real issue is hidden behind this curtain of everyday life. the issue is how we keep upgrading our expectations, everytime we reach what we previously wanted. call it greed or lack of security or whatever. and the lucky are the majority of humans dont even realise any of this and go through the motions of life as if life is an end in itself. well for the unlucky, like you and me, time will tell. i will be out of this soon, and will be capturing nature and life, and not getting paid for it. happily.

FountainHead said...

Interesting view!!!!! so end of the day do you like the sales guys or not????? but my view point is they keep the world going [:D]....... i totally agree with you last para!!!!!! not the one you f!@#@# stuff but before that!!!!! very few are lucky!!!! but then guess we are all lucky in some way or the other... here again its the way you look at life i guess

Vijay m said...

Well, the lucky few are the lucky few cos they cared about
being consistent with no compromise. Its always the little
things that matter. Whats stopping you from walking the red
carpet?. Imagine what would have happened if edision wasn't
consistent, he experimented with thousands of methods
until he finally invented the perfect light bulb of his time.
Why do we always have to blame our failures on our childhood
choices when we were immature little kids when we cant do
any better now.......... Think about it.

Meg said...

Jay,Fountainhead & Vijay,

I see the truth in each of the statements.

Upping our expectations each time we reach what we first set for ourselves, reminds me of a hamster in a wheel. The more it runs the less sense it makes. For some. I won't qualify this as a universal statement.

If i were to look at this from a more positive view i would have to say that some things (not overrationalised) can help us move past the mundane and the repetitive nature of life itself. I recently heard this over a radio show where a psychology prof said that our brain finds the need to balance everything we process as emotions, thoughts and other such synaptic the end the even keel wins over our despair and unreal happiness and we settle (as all highs do eventually) into a pleasant whirring of continuum.

Consistency in genius in ideas that are worth pursueing is madatory to discovery. The consistency must continue to shine in the commitment to purpose. Not to a spello on a page that really doesnt' make it to the desk it was abviously intended for. In the larger scheme of things (like i believe and mentioned) consistency is key to acheiving a lot of things...physically, emotionally and mentally.