Friday, December 30, 2005

Blue Bedouin

The guy locked himself up in his secluded recording studio for 2 years. He had experimentation as a DJ (6 years) and then as a radio broadcaster (several more) to arm himself to achieve his dream.

What he created is now offically called the Khaliji Chillout subgenre. He is now officially called the first musician to introduce it to the world. If any of you get your hands on Blue Bedouin, chances are you were either expanding your collection on a whim, completely into foresight, or just plain darn lucky. Most online music store stand officially empty of their coffers of this baby, and well i've heard a couple of his tracks, and they ARE GOOD!

Me gonna get me one of theees Blue Bedouin babeee! [aka Madea - anyone who hasn't clued into this series (film and NY play) either, are missing out on something gig time!

His name is Hussain Al Bagali and he's two Blue Bedouins old. The third installment of this creative genius of an album will be out soon, which is all set to incorporate dance beats. This will be a trilogy sort of move, before he moves on to make dance beat records.

This from a Dj and music lover, who doesn't listen to music in his car and prefers to listen to the sound of the engine himself.

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