Saturday, October 15, 2005

Spot my favs

You've gotta love, maska pav. It's succulent, small bite sized sanwiches that give the right fix when your stomach does the churn! Oh, and there's more actually, there's bakes, melt in your mouth garlic bread and i will not under any circumstances leave out the dates banana and cream. Mmmm Mmmm!

I hit upon this place, when iftar hours were offically in session. It's called the Midnight Cafe (and every mallu would understand this, like no other) and owned by a friend's wife's brother in law (like i said, only a mallu would understand the connection!). It's the smallest cafe and like it's punchline - with a lot! It's exactly one room small, houses a kitchen (fully equipped) with 3 staff, and two tables with four chairs on the pavement. What makes it's special is for one, the menu. And second, the kind of simple, yummy options and the fact that it's always open till midnight - no matter the occassion, the reason or the weather. I love that in a place.

So what have we got? western fast food menu with an indian twist. And so...we've got sandwichs, clubs, subs, hot dogs, meal deals (which consist of bakes and 4 different types of fried chicken), 2 soups on the menu, seven garlic bread options (chili cheese and salami - a must mention), salads, pizzas, burgers, beverage, dessert and a partridge in pear tree!

Now if you take a good look at that, you'd probably think that every single small shop has this on offer - and i'd say i'd beg to differ. Let me explain, and for those who get it, you're the only ones who deserve to enjoy the fruits of intellect. Take a walk down MG road, and past the blinking lights and the fast cars into the side roads that offer the real treasure of a quick bite, as you pass the savoury carts with roasting corn and spiced peanuts in paper cups, the waft of a small jazz cafe draws you unto the well loved and roamed Church street, and it is here, the many chilled out zones splays itself out unto the pavements with Brother Rozario's sax playing in the background, you get to pick on a menu that by far offers you a fare, that not only gets your palate bursting, but your senses waiting for a very familiar home-like ease, which no Johnny Carino, or India Palace can offer you. Trust me...this menu? is da bomb. Tis the real thing, yo.
And so, as you bite into the soft bread/the wheat wrap/the slush of beautiful juice that wraps around some of the most amazing concoctions you can think of; One gets that sense of jazz by the asphault, and's good to be home.

And oh, brotha/sista found Gafoorka's mess last night ;) - now this is da nuclear bomb, wot say?

I'm smiling like a cat that got more than it's fair share of creaaaammmm....;J

Other places we should do a round of:
Simran's Appam Kadai - those appams are to drool for and please (oh!please) try the mango prawn curry...tralaalalala!

Muah y'all...


gadarene said...

hey Sis,
'gafoor ka dost' here...'ee friendinde bhariyade brother-in-law aranaavo'?!...if i may ask,the place sounds yum this the Java place you're raving about on church street?...'ee Simran aara,by the by?!' in i don't get the 'Simran'/'appam' connection!!...long one t'ow...promise...miss U...

Meg said...

Well actually Midnight Cafe is here in Dxb (around Karama), and it's actually one of dad's good friend's in B'lore. He owns Clipper Holidays on Church street, where else?! ;). Yeah, like i said the parallel is drawn case Midnight reminds me of our jaunts to the food of any budget, palate, and memory! Snifff....

Simran, is the lady who's big in the movies in Chennai - the punju turned amil siren - leant her name to the venture, actually. The appams are worth the trip, the name ain't...:D