Tuesday, October 18, 2005

The Sajan Kurikose Story

Over the past few months, cases of death, killing and suicide have abounded in the papers, giving the once 'safe haven' and justice driven city into a shaky foundation, with absolutely no resolution, or assurance of the truth.

It's the typical case of whodunit? Man found in the boot of his car at Al Nasr Cinema four days ago. No one knows how he died, but there are some fishy loops being explored.

Sajan Kuriakose, was found dead in the boot of his own car, on the 14th of October. After a rushed phone call to his wife Suni,telling her that he would pick her up on his way home. He never arrived, and a search hunt resulted in Kuriakose's body being discovered in one of the most busiest and popular spots in Dubai city.

His body now lies in a shroud of mystery as police, hospital officials and a distrught family try to understand this tragedy. Sections of the press has had a field day with the speculation as claims of suicide, false forensic reports, and a tall order of mental instability do the rounds. It's impossible really. The truth still avoids distraught widow Suni, who spoke to the press officially only today (18th Oct,2005), defending her husband and denying the false reports that have branded her husband a mentally instable suicide victim. His wife and family angered over the speculation decided to come forward to clear Sajan's name of the false allegations.

The 33 year old Indian computer programmer's last call to his wife, was a hurried one. Suni said he sounded scared. The family was allowed access to the body only yesterday and was only allowed to see his face. The rest of his body was covered with a shroud, and they were not allowed to touch him. It has been confirmed that no post mortem was carried out on the body. And yet...forensic reports confirm his suicide. Problem no.1.

Futher investigation and official statements from Suni reveal that her husband, that two of his colleagues (Javed and Susan) were being questioned on possible embezzlement charges. Sajan also claimed that someone had hacked into his computer files, and he wasn't aware of what exactly ws going on, but that he was safe. Was he really? Problem no.2.

Threads being explored: Rumours of a gang that kills on hire are doing the rounds, with the MO being slitting throats. Sajan's body was covered, no one knows how he was killed/how he died. Was he murdered by a hired gang?

That fateful Thursday he left for work. The last time Suni heard from him was when he told her he would pick her up on his way home.

The Kurikose's family and parish have been a pillar of support during this time, and Suni has been a picture of deep anguish and determined calm through the entire ordeal. The staff from Sajan's workplace (AST Trading) haverefused to comment so far on the matter.

The mystery continues...the watch remains.

It now boils down the point of whether expatriates can seek justice in a world they once sought for financial stability and a better future. With dubious reports, and no comments, and a possible quick wrap up of events (which is the most expected...), will Suni ever know how her husband of nine years died?

With funeral preparations, relocation and financial procedures to be taken care of, will the UAE justice and police department leave this case to die it's natural death?

Followup (Pending):

The Kiwi juice case, where another expatriate Indian couple, died of mysterious poisoning is yet to see any development, as the Indian cousulate tries in vain to move any paperwork or push for possible answers in the deluge that is the current justice and investigation system. Is this a new turn of events and responsibility for the city's crime fighting teams? Only time will tell.


gadarene said...

This may be perceived as insensitive at the moment but facts are facts...Sajan K. wasn't
d)extremely rich/well connected
with all these factors 'against' the poor guy...it seems very unlikely his grieving widow/family will ever know the actual events surrounding his death...
add to it the fact,the authorities will be more than happy to write it off as a case of a mentally unstable guy that topped himself..."this is DUBAI NOT south central L.A or the Bronx right?...people DO NOT get murdered & stuffed in their the boot of their car HERE"...BOLLOCKS to that i say...

Meg said...

Well, it came true. The police wrote it off as a suicide. Maybe it is. Maybe it isn't. Life goes on. Sajan Kurikose will be lost in another page of the newspaper. And probably make for a good statistic if another happens. These victims are called 'shots in the dark'. And for a long time, that's what it's going to be. In the dark.

gadarene said...

Y'know i'd like to know what this Sajan K. guy was on...he must've been on something...was he y'know 'alternative' in any way?...my point being,a regular young church going mallu in Dubai probably would'nt top himself in the first place...& in the unlikely event he did...the manner & location he'd most likely choose could'nt be further from the way this poor sod was found...so,correct me if i'm wrong but he just closed himself into the boot of his car & slowly asphyxated to death?...in the parking lot of a cinema?...i ask again...what was this dude on?...'cos normal behaviour this ain't...not even for someone choosing to end the story...

Meg said...

There has been speculation about him possibly being mentally unstable. The apparent amount lost or embezzled as the claim goes was a mere AED 25K. So now it's down to possibility that SK was a sombre soul. Very frequent at the Pentecostal Church, very pious, and extremely caught up with reputation. He had recently started out on the construction of a new home, and i guess one of the possible things that did him in, could be the fact the cops were investigating the embezzlement case and he wapsn't too happy about possibly being called in for question, losing his job and also being arrested and deported. Add to all of this - his reputation and church memeber relationships - it could have sent him over the edge. Apparently the evidence claims that he used a blade to cut his wrist, before he got out of the car, into the boot, and then he lay there, cut his throat and then bled to death. Cuts on his fingers, the wrist and the throat all point to his finger prints. There are claims of gloved killers who could have done it. But then with the 25K popping up, there is a high chance of a suicide being ruled out. Or not...
When the person is a real weak person in the mind, suicide is the easiest way to avoid conflict, embarassment, and other reprimanding public disgrace. Hmmm....Geez!

Jasmine Joy said...

Sajan is my brother. He died when i was in 3rd. Now I finished my 12th still i cant believe that he is no more ! He cant evn kill a small cockroach, and these people are saying that he killed himself. I want to find out who did this and I can surely say that behind this there's someone really powerfull. But God will judge everyone equally. I wanna noe more about this case.