Thursday, December 23, 2004

Mistletoe and Whine

Christian Whine....

It's that time of the year and apart from the simuated snowflakes and the x'mas lights on my desktop - i ain't feeling cheery at all. The irony is that it's my favourite part of the year and it's something i've longed to enjoy with abandon. But then God has other plans for me.

I'm at the brink of a very important phase in my life and no matter how difficult it could be for me, everyone seems to have a solution. Only this morning my colleague catches me while i was feeling really low and said a few things that people in low phases look upto as a divine spark that He sends you to make sure you know that there are bigger things in motion.

But then when you're the ost depressed the profoundest things make the most sense and seem the most beautiful. Sample this:

Let us pray for wisdom. let us pause from thinking and empty our mind. Let us stopthe noise. in the silence let us listen to out heart. the heart which is buried alive. let us be still and wait and listen carefully. A sound from the deep, from below. A faint cry. A weak tappling. Distant mufled feelings from within. The cry for help.

We shall rescue the entombed heart. We shall bring it to the surface, to the light and the air. We shall nurse it and listen respectfuloly to its story. the heart's story of pain and suffocation, of darkeness and yearning. We shall help our feelings to live in the sun. Together again we shall find relief and joy.


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