Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Life Update - "Hmmm..."

My colleague walked up to me as i reviewed responses from my enthusiastic family's(much love!)reactopm to my tiny spark of interest to the possibility of pursueing details about mystery man, who happens to have floated off the internet (much thanks be due to my Aji-kutta for sending this one on) and on to my screen. "This is desperation," she said.

I didn't reply, i just switched windows and started to type. I didn't think it was anyone's business. Bad enough, i'm trying to deal with this on my own and the last thing i needed was an opinion completely forged on tight ass!

The moment she walked away, i stopped typing, lookied above my screen and chewed on my lip, wondering whether i should or shouldn't. I did. I switched screens again and looked at the guy's profile. How in the world is someone like him still looking?

My aunt's loving response to this over the phone two nights ago - what business did someone like me have asking this question when i was doing the same thing? Safe to say, it's a long story and also a very intense one. I don't regret the journey nor the time spent - will never ever regret it.

To say i was extremely flattered; would be a sore understatement. Bless your soul Vkchma!

And so, i mustered up the piss-pot edgy dare to mumble an interested "Hmmm..." and you know the rest.

A press office is officially in place, logistics have begun tracking; hearty congrtulations are being shared in upper echelons of home and news wires have started to wag their jaws. Such is the excitement.

I mean they barely took some time off from Big Brotha's initiation into the soon-to be-wed group - and now one little "hmmm..." has started them up again. I do laugh indulgingly to see how wickedly happy they all are - like they've had a breakthrough. Nevermind.

And so, the search and the menu intensifies. All this with one little "hmmm..."

Later y'all...later...


gadarene said...

lol...what can i say sis?...it's been a while...sorry i've been incognito...with work, studying & my leaking roof among other things...been a bit tied up...you shouldn't have told them at 'hmmm'...you should've waited till after about 5 months of e-mails to let the cat out of the bag...like some people you know...heheh :)...unlike the oldies, i'm not going to hassle you yet for details...give it some time...see how it goes...my prayers & best wishes to you sis & for all those unaware ones out there who say 'this is desperation'...am i not example enough that life has an uncanny way of working out in the unlikleyist(?) of places(read websites!!)??...will write you in a few sis...take care...miss you...

Meg said...

I can imagine you sitting there with interim spurts of laughter. Gawd! Did i tell you the guy disappaered. I really didn't think he'd respond anyway, i mean such was the 'qality' brotha, some hollywood starlet whisked this one away for sure. Truth me told, i'm much to funky, laid back and sexy to be with someone perfectly coiffed like that. I need my five 'o clock shadow man (y'dig?)...
So anyway, needless to say the excitement hasn't died down at the Abraham household, because...and simply because...hope floats.
miss you too bro...write me when you can...and hey! fix the roof...;)