Friday, July 15, 2005

And so the story goes...

It's been quite awhile since my last diatribe. Yeah. And now here i am, stuck 3 and half hours in another time zone, surrounded by sand, heat (47 degrees on an avg!) and my parents. All shacked up in a small one bedroom studio. You may ask why i'm doing this to myself, and then a small voice out from an obscure hemisphere cries out, cause i had to...not exciting, i know.

But then think about it.

And so in my own conculsional way, i decided to give it up. It's my decision, and my blog, so i will gnaw away at my sorrow anyway. I'm okay (thanks for asking!) and somewhere deep down i have lost a chunky piece of me. I mean which one of you in your right mind wouldn't. I am wiser though (despite the wisdom, it does bite. Hard.) and i guess that should make up for it (?). I guess i'll never know.

I'm 26, quite full ideas and searching for a job in the Manhattan of the East. Where the whites and the extra European still enoy their fair share of new age colonialism. The whiter you are the better your chances. Money, lesser work hours and healthy work life balance are all yours in the Manhattan of the East.

If you're wheatish - well, bite down on your tongue. You don't qualify. Sure you could be limbing up a scaffold (masters degree, tucked safely under your sweaty armpit - don't forget the 47 degrees!), shoving cement into the needed crevice. I guess this is the only space you get the voice the pain really. We're in a global village now, so we have to say nice things about each other, or a war could break out and $60 per barrel wouldn't really matter as much as this. Trust me. We all have to smile through the bulls%*^. Cause Shit will Happen.

And so with that multimillion dollar phrase, we sit back and enjoy the blinking ride, because there's no else, who wants to be Gandhi, a Martin Luther or anyone else from that calibre, cause we're all One Big F*&^ing family, aren't we?

Don't get me wrong, it's not a hate mail. It's just what i feel, and i'll go back to respeccting mankind,and the cruel sum of all math that it humanity. Cause it's circle and there will (DEFINITELY) be a time in their scheme of things when it will all turn around, and when it does...oh sweet happy day...judgement day.

Until then, we fly and soar, not giving up, never giving up hope.

And so the story goes....

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