Wednesday, March 02, 2005

M'ing among other things

This was a letter i wrote to a yahoo group owner who started something to revolutionize the way women got together to speak about the one thing we all do - masturbation. I joined it when a friend on mine recommended it to me, only to find the entire place thronging with voyeurs looking to get a wet dream for free! Well, i was really upset about it and i write a few posts expressing my disbelief and one of them i write to the owner, who after a couple of mails to me, withdrew the group and closed it down. As far as i'm concerned, that's an achievement.

Hi Ohri,

Well point taken and I must say it makes me feel quite comfortable to know that you were of the same opinion.
I guess the reason why Asian or Indian Asian girls would find it difficult to stay with the group is because some of the postings are quite comfortable with m'ing. While they're joining to find someone who isn't as comfortable as they are. And initially the posts on your group will serve as voyeuristic experience, which they might come back to a couple of times, but I really don't think it's going to help them come out of their shells. I'm hoping that more girls do make it from India, that way we can get some real conversations going. I do understand that in their cultures going pantyless or doing it in the office is very exciting.

But to tell you the truth Indian and other Asian women beat them by a mile when it comes to trying new things - I wouldn't be surprised if someone who isn't comfortable talking about it has already done and experienced what these ladies do already and don't talk about it. When it's their little secret it makes it all the more exciting.

But truth be told, the other consequences of living
In close-knit families, joint family households and also relinquishing luxuries of having your own space in a house has been a very limiting experience for women to explore their sexuality. I've always believed that masturbation has allowed women to understand their bodies and in most cases satisfy themselves like no man / woman can. You know your body like no one does.
Your mind and your body once in sync can take you to places that no one else has or can. That experience remains your special something - and every time you think about it, it's exciting; it's personal and a breathless experience. No words just sleep afterwards!

Another myth I don't buy into is being horny 24x7 - either you're on medication that helps. But there are people who vouch that they can keep going – I personally don't buy into that. For me personally, it's a very spiritual experience to touch myself. Yes I am aroused, but the sensations are amazing and now that I’m working, independent and also aware of who I’m, I know for sure that masturbation keeps a lot of things in check for me, I’m satisfied, I know when I want to because the feelings are undeniable. It's something personal and in my own time and sometimes afterwards, when I’m happy soaking in the bath, or taking shower and sitting with a book afterwards can be such a heavenly experience. I for one really savour such moments and don't use it as jerk off.... (By the way Ohri, I kinda like calling you that, I’m planning to put the last few paragraphs in as a post to see what kind of responses I get, it's time a few people write something other than - 'in the shower' -'without me knickers' - 'office and my little finger’ and so on!)

In fact I really hope you start posting as well soon....

Take care