Thursday, January 27, 2005

And so the work pours in....

The last couple of weeks has been really busy. You see the truth is that although i work for one of the country offices of a big American conglomerate, the India operations border on pathetic. The systems aren't in place, the people are never here for the work (what's that you ask? For the money? Would it be any other way?).

Speaking about the money - every one of them hire a consultant that conviniently disappear off the rolls and when you do so do the benefits and raises, the rest gets pumped back into the adjustable incomes of the seniors who for the past 4-5 years on an average, earn collasal (obscene) amounts of money for slave driving other intelligent species of humans!

It's funny how convinced you are of your superiority to these freaks, who never really end up doing anything profitable and then when the annual results are announced rest thier sorry behinds on your laurels now squashed beyond recognition. And we give in, seething inside, plotting some devious plan of elimination somewhere in the upper recesses of the phantasmal mind. The sad part is that it remains phantasmal. It always does.

if by chance anyone of you happen to trip on this blog, pick it up in disdainful curiousity - hear this - that this is the only virtual space i get to scream in bytes and bits - and feel okay for it. The world is cruel i know. But hey, you should see me, despite all of this cathartic trip - i still stand back and take a look at what i've been able to acheive, defintely going places, the money negotiating is what i need to master.

MacWorld SF just announced the poor man's Mac and iPod and it's been driving the IT media into a steady but very uppity freinzy! Ev eryone's waiting for shipping, everyone's waiting for the presentation. Everyone's waiting for the launch this side of the globe! The planning has been quite effective this time, only i'm not sure how an inspid presentation is going to get the press all excited! One cann't complain really - considering the dismal budgets a country with prospective consumer base of a two continentst put together can acheive.

Anyway, the press launch is due on Feb 1st. Anyone of you in town, do drop by and take a look - this one's sure to rock your world.

Feb 1 2005
Le Meredian - Delhi
Raisina Hall


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Melvin Jacob John said...

Hey Megha,

Great blog, great writing.
Love the name of your blog.
And hey do a review of Hunger's music whenever you have the time.

Keep writing.