Saturday, April 17, 2010

I'd like to say...

I'd like to say, that you know me.
In reality, it is not true.
You may think that you know me.
It's pretty clear, you think you do.

For all the scheming and the plots,
For all the mindless games you play
You may think that you've got me
But in time, you will despair.

For when a gyre spins it's endless
When the torture starts to prick
You may think it an indulgence
To sit back and watch me sink.

But a gyre is as treacherous
As it's creator, did you not know?
You'd like to say that it was for me,
But the gyre will never think so.

Come in, love, join me.
The gyre's got room for two.
Let's dance this little dance shall we?
And see who comes out true.

For the gyre is an endless spiral
Until the maker decides its end.
I'd like to say that you know me,
In reality, let's not pretend.

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