Monday, July 28, 2008

Transitioning to DTV

The website heralds the transition as the the most significant advancement of television technology since colour TV was introduced. It isn't the first time this is happening.

Several others have done it before, and with a dignified silence. But then the US isn't one of those countries that take any sort of transition (read change) very lightly. Every thing's historic, requires a coalition monitored website, has it's own nationally held poll and reports; 'carpe diem-ing' every single byte, bit and pixel claiming it's the 'man on the moon'.

Ah, aren't they sweet when they work themselves up to a frenzy?


To be fair, it is an occasion. It's time to unwrap your HD ready gadgets, luv.

The buzz, discussions and information on the DTV transition have hotted up over the past few months. Step-by-step guides on how to make the switch, 720, 1080i, 1080p, zig zam zoo, pop goes the weasel and what details to look out for.

Converter boxes for those looking to stick to their analog boxes and cable company subscriptions for those looking to plug into the revolution albeit in lesser resolution.

For those of you who went ahead and bought those 'HDTV ready' windows to the world, what can I say, you're time has finally come? It's the grand ball of smoother and enhanced images.

Oh well, for those of you who'd like to ride the transition train, here are a few links you might find interesting and an easier 'ease' into the heavier stuff out there.


HDTV 101

The Official DTV Transition Website

TV Predictions