Saturday, October 13, 2007

Losing a bet. But winning something bigger.

So here's the thing, several yeas ago at my mom's dining table, i made a bet for 500 bucks with Neil Eapen that i would get my own pad (with airconditioning, mind you!) and the whole works. Nothing fancy. But something that took care of the basics.

I said i'd do it by 25. I got what i said i would when i turned 27. Missed it by two years. I lost the bet - but i won a whole lot more. Yes, i got air conditioning. Every single last thing on that list. It isn't much if you compare it to the things people are doing int he world today.

People have given up thier lives for causes, some continue to amaze the world with their ability to look beyond boundaries. Others, well...i ain't one to judge or be the last word on anything...but still...they're rockin'.

I'd like to take a page out of that. Tear it up and put it in my pocket. Keep it there so that anytime i'm stuck for inspiration, its crunch and touch will let me know - that i'm not the only one.

I've got this irresisitible pull for something larger, for something deeper. I fight ordinariness everyday, and in a few special people, i cherish that i...we can change it and make it unique - apart - y'know?

I won't let that go. I'm taking it with me and making it mine, ours. Something worth being different for.

I always thought in some funny way, that that bet was the only real thing i had going for awhile. I went through some pretty confusing shit..., but in the end...i had that bet keeping me going.

Neil, if you ever read this, i'd like you to know. It's been worth the 500 bro. Every single paise (the bet was made in Indian currency back in the day).

I got my own pad. It's not permanant. But its mine. : )

Moving on to bigger things now...



Vijay m said... the big question ... did you pay the 500 bucks?.

Meg said...

Nope. But it's Mr. Eapen's to claim...:)

Vijay m said...

:) :)

Neil Eapen said...

Hey Meg...Although a little late, by a "couple of years" should we say, I would like to lay claim to the 500 bucks that we bet on... :)
Its good to know that our little bet kept you going...Should have raised the stakes to 1000...Trust your well...Keep in touch...Cheers Neil Eapen