Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Fish Basket - May Ai Halp yu?

A Press Invitation of such epic proportion is as rare as the Hailey's Comet. Rarer even!

Ladies and Gentleman in my quest for a simple gourmet experience, i found this press letter too tempting not to share, enjoy!

NB: The spelling is all 'okay', yeah?

Fish Basket Restaurent

Dear Mess'rs,

Entering the Fish Basket does not fill you with the confidence that the meal that that you are about to receive is going to be all that special or the place has unique Decoration.

But, we are happy to report looks can be deceptive.

The concept here is the fish market style you go to an ice counter covered with fresh sea 'delicious'. All what you have to do is choose the way you like it served and we will memorize the yammi expression and hang them on our chests as a middle of honour for gaining your satisfaction.

Join a world of compare less taste and service in a surrounding VIP atmosphere. We will be honoured by your visit you will honour us.

Please note that reading this paper payed you an Invitation for two.


Ladies and Gentlemen - The Fish Basket...

Now if this doesn't make you take printouts and rush over there, i don't know what will!

P.S - Anytime you swing by Dubai, go check 'em out - Tel 3367177, PO BOx 26522, Dubai, UAE


SonnyBoy said...

Nice way to repel potential suitors... the pic i mean... the tongue-out-in-the-pic i mean...
what does Eliamma mean by the way?

Meg said...

Well, well, well - aren't we the narcissistic critic. :). And you're trying to be politically correct too! Your a pick of the patch my friend, anyone every tell you that? Whoo boy..

Eliamma is a mallu version of my middle name Elizabeth. In the earlier times, women in kerala had their christian names added with an 'amma' which signifies mother, lady (Like Punju girls have Kaur after their name) -so Elizabeth becomes Eli, with the suffix amma -you get Eliamma, sport.

You dig?


SonnyBoy said...

Yes i understand Eliamma now! But i dont understand pick of the patch... even after i googled it and reached www.pickofthepatch.com... can we talk the colloquial here?? ;-p

Meg said...

You googled it?! For the love of...!

...i'll let you stew for a bit, if you catch my drift...:D

I just can't let a genius rant like that go to waste! Think about it Sonnyboy, Manipal eggs on thought in very positive ways, i suggest Peacock or End Point and a 'Thinking Man' pose...the revelation will come to ya ;)

Like one of our many uncles would say, "Haaaphy Times, mon!"

gadarene said...

i don't think he's getting you sis...:)

Meg said...

I didn't think so either...when in the world is someone who can spar like a true spar person ever click in here! Geez! Maybe i should try advertising, y'think?

No over-achievers please! Bouncers are on call.